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About the recognition program

Web accessibility is a basic premise for the goals of the W3C: A web for all, on any device, anywhere, secure and reliable. Unfortunately many web pages do not follow web and accessibility standards, which bring problems to people with disabilities to access the information.

Recent research by the W3C Brazil shows that the indicator of compliance to accessibility standards of web pages of government agencies in Brazil reaches an average of 4% of the total of over 6 million pages analyzed. It is estimated that the indicator for the web pages of the private sector, even in a survey, is similar to that in the public sector. This number indicates that there is huge area to increase the web accessibility.

For over ten years the W3C developing web accessibility guidelines. These guidelines are techniques that should be applied to websites to eliminated or reduced barriers to access . These techniques allow browsers and assistive technologies (such as screen readers) to understand the page properly and present the user with a clear result, intelligible and without barriers.

From this overview, will perform, as determined by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, the second edition Brazilian Web Accessibility Recognition Program.

Todos na Web - Prêmio Nacional de Acessibilidade na Web

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